How to use Presentation Manager to Present or Join a Presenter

Presentation Manager keeps a group of users on the same page.  As a presenter, you can lead the group and know that your attendees will be able to easily follow along. As a subscriber, your device will automatically access content in sync with the Presenter.  For the best experience, devices must be within one hundred feet of each other and have Bluetooth and microphone enabled. 

 To Make Yourself a Presenter

Turn on Presentation Manager by tapping on the “Presentation Manager” button in the bottom left hand corner of the app as pictured.



Allow the app to connect with our nearby devices.  On the next screen tap on “Allow” as pictured.



Decide if you want to follow another ARALOC user or if you want to be the presenter by sliding the button next to “Join” or “Present” as appropriate.



If you choose to be the presenter, slide the "Present" button from left to write as shown in the photo making you the presenter.  Others will now be able to join and follow you.




Once other users have joined, they will be listed in the "Users" list as shown below.



To Follow a Presenter


Slide the button next to "Join" from left to right as shown below.



Once you see your presenter in the list tap on "Join" to follow them.



Once you are following a presenter you will see a badge in the bottom right noting who it is you are actively following as shown below.  Your device will now automatically deliver content in sync with the presenter.


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