How do I access content using the Mac App?

To access content via the Mac App you must first download and install the Mac App. Directions for installation can be found here - How do I install the ARALOC Mac App?  

Once you have installed the Mac App, the next step is to download content from the public ARALOC website,  Your company may have a unique download page created specifically for your organization.  Please contact your system administrator for the web URL.  


Once you access the page, please login using your ARALOC username and password.



 Once you login you will see a list of your content.  Navigate to the piece of content you would like to access by using the menu on the left side of the screen.  



When you find the piece of content you would like to access, click on the "Download" button.  



The content will be downloaded to your device.  Double click on the file in your downloads folder to launch the ARALOC App.  You will be asked to login to the ARALOC App.  Login with your credentials to access the content.



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