How can I sync all content to my device?

ARALOC can automatically sync available content to your device.   Using the sync tool ensures:

  • All of your content is quickly available to view.
  • All of your content is available to view while offline. (if allowed)
  • All of your content has been updated to the latest version.

Sync Button on the "Saved Content" Tab

The sync button is located in the top right hand corner of the screen when on the "Saved Content" tab.  Press the sync button to begin downloading content to your device. 

Content View After Menu button pressed

After you tap the sync button, the ARALOC Android Viewer will download all of the content that is available to the user. During this operation a popup, which is depicted below, will show progress.


This label shows what is the current piece of content that is being downloaded.

Total Progress

The number to the left of the ':' character is the number of downloads that have been completed, while the number to the right is the total number of downloads in the whole operation.

Content View During Sync Process

After the Sync process is complete the Content View will be populated with the latest versions of each piece of content available to the user.


My Content View after Sync process

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