How do I use the ARALOC Content Library?

The content library allows you to browse, download, and view protected content in addition to displaying groups and content items.  


Groups are displayed as folders in the Library.  The number of pieces of content within the group is noted below the name of the folder.  To navigate into a group, touch the group.  The group will be selected, and the content for that group will be displayed.


ARALOC Group Folders


Content in Selected Group



As shown above, if the content is downloaded and available for viewing, the Content Details will display "Downloaded" in green.  Tapping on the piece of content will open the content in full screen mode for viewing. If the content has not been downloaded, the content details will show "Not downloaded" in orange.  Tapping on the piece of content will take you to the content details page.  To download and view the content tap on the "View" button at the bottom of the screen as shown below.  


Content Details before download


Note: Content may be viewed while offline if it has been already downloaded to the device and allowed by your administrator.

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