How do I use bookmarks in a piece of content?

As you view the document, bookmarks can be added to enable you to quickly return to a specific page within the content. To add a bookmark to a piece of content, tap the menu button in the top right hand corner of the application and then tap on "Bookmarks."





Bookmark Button

After clicking on the Bookmark button you will be brought to the Bookmark View. To add a Bookmark, type a desired name for the Bookmark and then select add. You will then be prompted to add with a dialog, if you confirm, the Bookmark will be created.


Bookmark View before adding Bookmark

After adding a bookmark you can navigate to the Bookmark View and when you select a Bookmark, the PDF Viewer will navigate to the coordinates where the bookmark was added. If you press and hold on a Bookmark item then the dialog below will pop up. This dialog allows you to delete the selected bookmark, or navigate to the Bookmarks coordinates.





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