Using the ARALOC Document Reader

The ARALOC Document reader allows you to view, search, and annotate your content.  After selecting a document to view, the document will be decrypted and displayed.



ARALOC Document Reader


The document can be read by scrolling using the touchscreen.  You can scroll through the document by dragging pages up and down using your finger or stylus.

Standard two-finger "pinch-to-zoom" controls are are supported.   You can pinch together two fingers within the document to zoom out, or expand two fingers to zoom in on text.

Document Viewing Controls 

The document viewing controls are detailed below.


Icon Name Description
Menu Displays the menu of the following items: bookmarks, table of contents,  and saved content for the document.  Please note that the document must have a standard PDF-based table of contents to display the ToC within ARALOC.
Bookmarks Set the bookmark to the current page with desired name.
Note View Open dialog to share annotations with other users.
Search Creates a Search bar in the Viewer that allows you to find instances of words and step through them.
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