ARALOC v4 Overview

ARALOC v4, released in December of 2014, includes several updates.  System performance has been improved and new application features have been added.

New features include:

  • New iOS Viewer
  • Notification Support
  • Rosters
  • Forms System
  • Group Icons
  • Improved app update system and download page


ARALOC v4.1 is the first minor release of the ARALOC v4.  ARALOC v4.1 was released in March, 2015.

New features include:


  • PDF Text Search in v4 iOS apps
  • Surveys in new iOS apps
  • Account Details screen
  • PDF Reader app improvements in v4 iOS apps
  • Improved app update system and download page


  • Enhanced content blocking system for some systems prevents screen sharing or screen capturing without blocking certain utilities.
  • View notes created in PC app

Bug Fix:

  • Notes saved between PC and iOS are now being updated across user devices.


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