Management Console App Version Overview

The App Versions Page shown below, allows your organization to decide when to release new versions of ARALOC applications by platform.


App Versions Page

The applications that have the 'Edit' hyperlink to the left are enterprise applications that are not distributed through an app store. Since the PC application uses ClickOnce to deploy and update, it will never have the Edit hyperlink displayed.


Clicking on an application's Edit button will redirect you to the 'App Versions Edit' page shown below.

App Versions Edit

From the 'App Versions Edit' Page you can release new application versions to your users, view past changes to the applications, view the date the application was made available to admins, and download old versions of the application. Some archived versions may not include a download link, but will still be shown in the App Archive section.

Current App: The application that is currently available to users, through your organization's ARALOC download page.

Available Apps: The applications listed in this section are the applications that have been released after the application listed under Current App. Clicking the Release button for a specific application version will create the prompt shown below. The version will not be released to users until the 'Confirm Release' is pressed.

Confirm Release Prompt

App Archive: When a new version is released to your users, all Available Apps older than your newly released application will be pushed to your App Archive section. The image below shows the App Versions Edit page after the Confirm Release Prompt has been confirmed. Notice that the new current version is now 3.6.0 and 3.0.0 has been pushed to App Archive.

App Versions Edit

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