iOS App Interface Overview

The ARALOC Library allows you to browse, select, and download all of your protected content.

After opening the app and entering your credentials you will be taken to the ARALOC library. 

ARALOC iOS Main Interface

 The user interface consists of:

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu allows you to access content and other features of your ARALOC application.  To select an item from the navigation menu, touch the appropriate item.  Your content administrator will configure the items in the left-hand menu based on your business processes and security needs, so the specific options available will vary depending on your organization.  The Navigation Menu can be hidden to provide more screen space for other activities.

Navigation Menu items include:

 Content Library Items

Current Group

Displays the name of the current group you are viewing.

Parent Group

Displays the name of the previous/parent group.  To navigate back up to the parent group, touch the Parent Group.

Content Library

Displays the content in the current group, if a group or content menu item is selected.  This area can also display Notifications and Rosters.

More information on the content Library can be found at:



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