How do I install the ARALOC Mac App?

Navigate to the App download page provided by your organization and click on the “Install” button next to the Mac App. The program will download.

Double click on the file to launch the installation program.

Note: In some cases in OS X, you may be presented with a “Gatekeeper” warning that prevents you from installing the app. Select “Open” to dismiss the message and install the app.

In other cases, the message below may be displayed on the screen.  

 If you see this message, you must approve the app before installation can continue.  To approve the app for installation, click on "System Preferences" and then "Security & Privacy." 

When you get to the "Security & Privacy" screen you should see the message below.  

Click on "Open Anyway."  

The installation will now begin and you will see the screen below, click on "Continue."

Continue through the installation process until the application has installed.

Once the install is complete, you will see the screen below confirming a successful installation.

After the ARALOC application has installed, you can double-click on any downloaded .ARALOC file to view protected content.



Login using the credentials you received from your content provider or IT staff.


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