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The ARALOC product team is excited to announce the latest version of ARALOC for iPhone and iPad is ready for release.   This new version includes an entirely redesigned user experience that maintains the simplicity and ease of use of the previous version.  The new ARALOC iOS application incorporates many of the suggestions and feedback we have received from our clients. 

For more information on the new iOS Viewer, please contact your Modevity representative, or go to


New Library and Syncing

ARALOC’s all new content library allows users to easily and quickly manage and view their content.   Users can view their groups and organized content while online or offline, and can confirm at a glance that their content is available for immediate reading.

ARALOC iOS Main Interface

The new user interface takes advantage of additional screen space offered by larger tablets allowing users to find content more easily.  Improved caching and networking features allow users to navigate through their library quickly, even while on spotty connections.

The application includes background syncing functionality, which means a user can read a document while new and updated documents are quietly downloading in the background.   More than ever, ARALOC enables content owners and administrators the ability to provide a seamless experience to their users.

More information on the updated iOS User Interface can be found on the support site under Using Your Library.

Improved PDF Viewer

The new PDF viewer in ARALOC iOS v4 is designed to be a best-in-class PDF viewer for tablet and mobile devices.  Users can easily scroll through the document, zoom out to a multi-page view, and quickly navigate to the page they need.   Your notes and annotations are always visible and easy to find and edit.


ARALOC PDF Document Viewer

While viewing PDFs, users will now have a full-screen view of their content, with the new ability to pull out toolbars as needed for use in annotations, notes, and sharing.

More information on the updated iOS User Interface can be found on the support site under Document Viewing.


Notifications and Roster View

ARALOC iOS v4 incorporates ARALOC’s notifications system.  These notifications are configurable by system administrators and will inform your users of important events such as:

  • New agendas available
  • Content has been updated with new information
  • A user has shared an annotation
  • You have been added to a new committee, group, or subscription

These notifications can be sent via email, or using the in-app notification system available for iOS.  System administrators can choose which notifications will be sent, and how often they are transmitted.  In addition, a history of recent notifications is always available on the Notifications tab in the new ARALOC iOS v4 application.


ARALOC Notifications

ARALOC’s new roster system allows users to see information about other users working with them in specific groups, teams, or classes.  The Roster screen also allows users to quickly send an email or call a contact number directly from the application. Annotation sharing, Rosters, and the Notification system are tied together so users can accomplish their tasks quickly.

New App Release System

ARALOC now allows administrative users to decide when to update their applications to the latest versions. Administrators can download and test all available versions, and release them to the users when they are ready.   Starting with version 4.0, the iOS application will automatically inform your users when a new application is available, and direct them to the download page.  More information about this feature can be found under ARALOC Enterprise App Management.


If you have any questions regarding ARALOC applications or the new features found in the iOS v4 application, please contact your Modevity representative.  

Information on all of these new features and general usage of the iOS system can be found in the iOS help section of the support site.

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