What do the content library status icons represent?

Library status icons are displayed next to each content item in the library.  These icons display the current state of the content and if it is available for offline viewing.  


ARALOC Library Status Icons


An explanation of each icon is detailed below.  

Icon Name Description
Available The content is available for download from the cloud, but not yet on your device.  Selecting the content will begin the download process.  Content can also be downloaded by selecting the "Sync" button on the Navigation Menu.
Downloading This content is actively downloading.  As the content is downloaded, the circle will draw itself.  The content will be completely downloaded when the circle is full.
Queued If multiple files are selected, or if a Sync is running, files will be put into the Queued state.  Content is downloaded one item at a time, and as content completes a download, the next one is made available.
Installing The content has completed download and is installing on your device.
Activating The content is verifying your license with the ARALOC content management server.
Ready The content is ready to view.  Selecting this content will open the document.
Network Error The content could not be accessed due to a network issue.  Select the content to attempt downloading again.  If you continue to have problems, check your internet connection or contact your system administrator.



Your access to the content was not allowed.  Select the content to view details on why the content view was denied.  Please contact your system or content administrator for questions about content you need to access.


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